RERA And Its Influence On The Home Buying Trends

RERA or more commonly known as the Real Estate Regulatory Authority is the act which will not only help the homeowners in hassle free buying but boost the real estate investments as well. Both the commercial and residential properties will be covered under this act and all the projects which are above 500 square meters or 8 apartments have to get registered before initiating any project. The main motive to enforce such a law is to bring transparency in the real estate industry and take it to a new level.

The RERA act is now in its final stage but still it may take a year to get implemented. If you are planning to buy your dream home, this is definitely an ideal time. Most of the buyers are confused whether they should invest in the property now or wait for the RERA act to get implemented. If you too are having a similar question in your mind, here is how it will help the buyers to make their purchases.


Safe buying – RERA will bring in the much-needed transparency in the real estate industry that will result in safer buying options. This is definitely a positive change that the buyers will come across as earlier there were many fraudulent cases going around. So with the RERA, it will become easy for them to indulge in any kind of purchase and that too without any tension.

Time bound delivery – As this act has already been introduced the builders have started completing the projects at a fast pace thus ensuring timely delivery. So those who are looking for ready to possess 2/3/4 BHK flats or commercial space, they can easily invest in their dream home. For them, the RERA act is surely a boon as it has increased the speed of completion of several stalled projects.

Put an end to their uncertainties – Buying a house is a big investment and there are lots of uncertainties related to the finance but when it will come into enforcement, such problems will get reduced to a great extent. This is definitely an added advantage that the buyers will be able to enjoy and that is why many homeowners are waiting to ensure that RERA gets enacted as soon as possible.

You can say that RERA is the act which will take the real estate industry one step ahead and offer several opportunities to both the buyers and the builders.


Book Luxurious Flats In Noida Extension and Get Benefits of Downfall

In the present time, the real estate market is going through a very critical stage as most of the residential projects in and around Noida Extension is still not complete even though started years back.

There are a number of ongoing projects in NCR region but the delayed construction is the biggest reason as for why the market is so down. If you consider Delhi, there are about 55,000 units which are under construction from around 6 years and still 3 years more will be needed to complete the entire construction. The worst part is that none of these units are sold as buyers look for ready to possess flats. This, in turn, is bringing down the quality of constructions as builders are unable to get enough funds to complete the construction. So the situation is quite terrible and the conditions are just getting worst day by day.

This has definitely become a question of worry for the builders as prolonged construction is drifting the interest of the buyers.

Though the conditions are not so good but still there are some builders like Trident Embassy who are capable of delivering the flats on time. If you are looking for ready to possess flats, Trident should be your one stop destination. Their project is located at the Noida Extension with the most stylish and well-designed homes coming your way. The serenity of the place will surely capture your attention and the overall surrounding is quite pleasant. You can easily book your 2BHK and 3BHK flats which are almost ready.

As the market is fluctuating at a rapid pace, it offers two advantages to the buyers. Firstly the cost of the flats has gone down thus offering a new opportunity for the homeowners to grab the flat of their choice. Secondly on time delivery is another benefit that you will be able to enjoy. As some of the projects are already completed, you can view the location and finally book your home.

So it is very clear that the current market conditions of real estate have come as a boon to the buyers. The cost of the homes has decreased significantly thus allowing more people to invest and get quick delivery so that they can shift as soon as possible. Why not make the best use of this chance and book a flat at an affordable cost.


Why Buying Flats In Noida Extension Is A Great Idea?

Buying your home is one of the most crucial decisions. Cost is definitely a big factor that you need to consider but there are several other aspects which influence the decision. That is why it is important to have a clear understanding of your needs and budget in order to take the right decision.

If you are looking for 2BHK and 3BHK flats around Noida Extension, Trident Realty is surely an ideal choice. The location is one of the key factors along with well-designed homes that will grab your attention. Special emphasis is given to the design and best efforts are put in to provide a lavish lifestyle to you. The greenery around makes the atmosphere pleasant along with several entertainment sources for the kids and adults. In all Trident Realty makes sure that all your requirements are met.

No matter what type of flats you are looking for but Noida Extension is surely the perfect location. There are numerous advantages that you can enjoy.

Excellent Connectivity

Firstly Noida Extension is well connected with metro, buses, FNG and Delhi so you can easily reach your destination without any problem. All modes of transport are available so as per your feasibility and convenience you can opt for any of the options that are best suited to you.

Great Opportunities For Job

If you are looking for a job then Noida Extension and Greater Noida is the first preference of the job seekers as most of the top MNCs have their offices here. So you can look forward to big job opportunities coming your way.

Cheap Homes


As Noida Extension is a newly constructed area, therefore, the cost of the homes is slightly lower than the other areas so one can easily book their flats without thinking much. The low cost is also because of the fluctuating real estate market.

Less Pollution

Pollution is definitely a big concern for the buyers and that is why Noida Extension is the right place. The greenery around makes it a less polluted place so that you can enjoy the fresh air and lovely surroundings.

Peaceful Atmosphere

If you wish to stay away from hustle and bustle of life, this is a nice place where you can enjoy peace of mind as well as comfort.

Best Shopping Destinations


Apart from the local shopping markets, Noida Extension is connected to many shopping malls as well like the City Plaza, Spice World Mall, PKS Town Central, GIP, Mall of India and much more. So you can shop till you drop.


Great Time To Buy Flats In Noida

The recession has proved to be a boon for the buyers as the prices refuses to climb up. Gone are the days when builders arm twisted the buyers and got whatever they wanted. It is now a customer-centric market where in spite of the recent price drop of 1%, people are staying away. In addition, litigation has led to the stalling of the projects as the total number of inventory in the NCR has climbed to about 250,000 residential units.

It is one of the biggest bane for the builders and they might try to offload the apartments for cheap in the market. As a customer, it is the best time to buy flats in Noida as the market is still reeling from the recession. Buying cheap and selling at a higher price is the time and tested investment strategy of the people from time immemorial.

Buying home at Trident Embassy will do a whirl of good if you want to settle down in the Noida area. It is a wonderful amalgamation of the apartments designed with traditional and contemporary architecture. You can check the quality of the construction which is second to none in terms of durability. Wonderful hallways combined with amazing rooms are some of the best attributes of the project.

If you are buying home in NCR in the second quarter of 2016, get ready for amazing discounts that would not upset your financial budgets. Builders are running for covers due to the glut in supply, therefore strike the iron when it is hot.

Another reason why you need to buy right now is that the business environment is improving and reserve bank of India is decreasing the interest rate. Hence, the real estate market may revive in the near future due to easy liquidity. As a result, the prices would increase and you may not be to get the present deal.


Investing in Noida makes perfect business sense because it is one of the business Hubs of India. Almost every multinational has set up shops here; therefore the price of the real estate is bound to go up in the near future. Even if you are not planning to settle, investing in the apartment in Noida will provide rich dividends once the recession period wears off. Acting smart is the best solution in real estate market as a purchase could be the silent investment helping you to beat the inflation and uncertainty of the economy.


How Is Trident Realty Beating Real Estate Recession?

Delhi NCR market is tanking south as the new launches have dipped by an astonishing 68%. Lots of unsold homes are piling up and the inventory cost is rising. Gone are the days when people saw lavish homes and thought that they were only the perverse of the rich. Due to the ongoing recession and dropping demand, the prices of homes are falling and show a very small revival in the second quarter of 2016. At present the real estate market is in limbo because sellers are not ready to lower the price while the buyers are still waiting on the sidelines, refusing to purchase the residential units. Unless the government doesn’t provide tax breaks or other incentives, the deadlock may not break.

Image Source: Hindustan Times

In such a gloomy scenario, the launch of the Trident Embassy project is dream come true for the customers. What more, the company is providing top quality homes right in the Noida extension with lush greenery surroundings. Take a walk through the mini city built by the Trident Reality and you will be awestruck by the amazing infrastructure on offer. Apartments are spacious and studded with modern amenities to cater to the requirements of the customers.

Traffic honking and pollution are the things of past while living at Trident Embassy. Instead, you will be greeted with a top class business center and round the clock, surveillance to benefit the residents. In spite of well equipped residential units, the prices are particularly low as compared to other construction projects coming up in the vicinity.

Trident Realty knows what the customers are looking for. It believes in providing affordable housing solutions to the problem and implements an innovative strategy to break the deadlock between the buyers and the purchasers. With economies of scale used in creating attractive designs, the company has successfully optimized the cost of construction.

Trident Reality offers 3 and 4 room BHK flats for the families. They can select one or more options according to their requirements. The organization is not waiting for incentives from the state or the central governments but has marched ahead with new offers that are one of the best in the real estate industry.

A home at Trident Embassy is a boon for the residents and also for the people who want to use the real estate as asset objects. The impending decrease in the interest rate of the bank will lead to the firming of the property prices in recent times. Therefore, do not delay and avail the offer right now when the prices are still low.


Grab A Slice Of Trident Embassy On Navratri

NCR is the coveted place where people especially the young upper and middle class like to settle down. Over a period, the region has transformed from a backwater to a dynamic urban ecosystem attracting professionals not only from India but also from around the world. Since offices of the multinationals are located in Noida and the area around, it is easier for the people to find jobs and also leading malls as well as pubs are situated in close vicinity. In short, the lifestyle is far different from the tier 2 cities in the country making NCR as a hub of economic activities.

Trident Embassy project offers a golden opportunity to the hard-working and upwardly mobile Individuals. It has a vast array of housing units designed for the state of the art equipment with unparalleled perfection. Dining, sitting and bedrooms are constructed with immaculate precision to meet the stringent requirements of the customers.


Every apartment has a well spacious lobby and sufficient doors and windows to provide the sunshine. Not for a minute, you will feel that it is like a conventional home offered by the run of the mill builders. Instead, the company works on the intricate details of the residential unit and makes it amenable for living to the users.

Trident embassy project is the result of dedication and perseverance on the part of Trident reality. What it has done in real estate market is that the qualitative benchmark has changed for others and they might find very difficult to emulate. Billed as one of the best residential options in the greater Noida area, trident embassy doesn’t create a hole in the pocket. It is quite affordable and can give any world class construction project a run for many.

Some of the pluses in the favor of Trident Embassy are its strategic location to all the prime places in NCR and also a wonderful ambiance for a living. The community is well served by swimming pool, ample space for parking and also 24*7security. All of the above make the project an enticing option for the homeowners. In addition, green parks are designed in close vicinity to establish a clean and healthy environment for the residents. There are too many luxurious projects in NCR claiming to provide the best standards of living but only few could match the likes of Trident Embassy both in terms of quality and pricing. To sum up, one can say that purchasing an apartment in the project is an effective and wise move especially during Navratri when the price is low.


Get A New Lease Of Life At Trident Embassy

We have planned a huge Navratra bonanza for our customers with amazing discounts on the swanky residential units available at the Trident Embassy project. The organization has constructed state of the art apartments incorporating top class amenities that you can envision. Gated community with round the clock security system is one of the most important features of the project. Carved along the wide driveways, the apartments strut out against the lush green surroundings that are quite appealing to the eyes.

Purchase your dream home from Trident on the occasion of Navratra festival and present it to your beloved. It is the epitome of luxury as the beautiful modular kitchen can take your breath away. The construction is absolutely world class due to the presence of cutting-edge technology equipment. Living in the locality will be a dream come true for your family because it is well connected to the hospitals and schools. What more, you can visit the array of swanky malls located nearby as plenty of recreation is available to enhance your experience. In addition, regular power backup is on offer to the users that works seamlessly even if the main power supply is disrupted.


We believe in quality, therefore each apartment of the Trident Embassy project is made of finest and durable material available in the market. Our focus is to deliver unparalleled comfort to the customers by providing rock solid reliability and stylish designs. After Purchasing, you can enjoy the ready to move in living and leave all the stress and worries to us.


Not a single minute you will feel out of place at Trident Embassy because the area is an amalgamation of the modern construction and lush green surroundings. As a responsible organization, we believe in creating an eco-friendly ambiance for the residents away from the conventional hustle, bustle, and pollution of the city.

In spite of continuous escalation of the real estate, our organization is providing apartments at one of the lowest prices in the market. Backed by stupendous quality, the houses are value for money offers. You can buy them during the festival and avail huge reductions in the cost. It is now or never offers designed to fulfill your dreams of living a luxurious lifestyle to the hilt. So what are you waiting for? Get set to move to the Noida extension and contact our customers care department to know more about the project. Rest assured they are right there with the best in terms of living experience.

Reducing Cost Of The 2 BHK Flats In Noida Extension

Noida Extension has become one of the top locations for the real estate companies. The government acquired a huge land area from the farmers and sold it to the real estate companies who would then start their big projects. The real estate companies began the work but soon they came across problems in gathering the fiancés. This shifted the completion of the projects and many companies have stopped the work. The inability to get money from the investors has become big reasons as for why many projects in and around Noida Extension are in devastating condition. This has further spoiled the market thus affecting the cost of the homes as well.

Fall in prices of 2 BHK Flats in Noida Extension

There is no denial to the fact that the fall in property rate has resulted in a terrible setback for the companies. They are not only going through loss but are unable to get the work completed on time. This has become a question of worry for them as they have already booked the 2 BHK Flats in Noida Extension for the people and now they are looking for quick possession of their homes.

On the other hand, people who have not booked their homes till now are finding this a great opportunity as the prices have dropped down. Thus they are now able to book the homes at a decent price thereby saving their money. So it can be said that this downfall has proved beneficial for the customers as they are being able to book the flats at the price they were looking for and the companies are panicking for the heavy losses.

Lack In Quality With Unavailability Of Funds

Though the downfall in the prices is good news for the people but the companies have started comprising with the quality and this is resulting in poor construction. The companies are not able to get enough money to complete the entire construction and that is why they are trying to utilize the leftover money to the maximum. This has surely affected the construction in many ways and that is why people are moving away from buying these the 2 BHK Flats in Noida Extension.

So it will be good if you carefully analyze this aspect before buying any home in and around Noida Extension. If only you are satisfied, you should proceed with the investment or you can look for other options as well.

Trident Embassy – Best for 2 BHK Flats in Noida Extension

Planning to buy a home but very confused? Do not worry but keep calm as we are there to assist you in choosing the right home your family. As you are making a big investment, you just cannot spend money without analyzing the different factors. One of the important aspects while purchasing the house is the selection of the real estate company. If you are able to connect with a reputed name, all your problems will come to an end. So this is definitely your first move and one should not be in a hurry.

If looking for 2 BHK Flats in Noida Extension, there are numerous real estate names that you will come across. Some of the well established and trusted companies that you can consider are:-

Trident Embassy – The Trident Embassy is surely one of the best choices when it comes to buying the home as location and the excellent connectivity is the highlighting attribute. The spacious flats and modern amenities fulfill your desire to have a perfect dream home. Every house has a garden, playground for the children and ample sources of entertainment.  All around there is greenery which makes the view awesome and full of positive energy. If you are looking for a lavish home with all the facilities Trident Embassy should be your choice.

Galaxy Vega – It is one of the top groups specializing in constructing beautiful homes that offer a marvelous experience. The best part is that their flats are located on the main road thus providing you superb connectivity. This saves your time and you can easily find transport options to suit your preferences. The flats will get ready in a few months, so you can book them at a very affordable price.

Samridhi Luxury Avenue – This is yet another ongoing project which is being constructed in an area of around 10 acres with lots of greenery, club house, concierge services etc. Dwarka metro is quite close to the location and you can enjoy shopping at the Atta market as well. In all, it is a perfect location to buy your home.

What make Trident Realty stand out from the others are their project planning and the special emphasis on the design. It is ensured to make your homes are risk proof from the earthquakes which is definitely something that other builders might not have thought of. So get in touch with us for more information and to book the flats now.