No dream is too big, if you have the will to make it happen. At Trident Realty this is not only the philosophy we live by, but we also put it into practice. When we started 10 years ago I knew that things would be hard, obstacles would be there but if we push hard enough and kept our eyes on the goal we will come out as winners. We realise that we are not just selling a space but, a home. Home where dreams are born, home where the laughter of children fills the space, home where love and goodness flows. At Trident, we intend to keep our promise to you, by providing homes, built from the finest construction materials, using the latest technology to ensure a safe environment for you and your family. As Managing Director of Trident, I would like to extend you a warm welcome to come and visit us at anytime and talk to us about your dream home.

SK Narvar
Managing Director,
Trident Realty